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Highflyers Christian Centre



They create the conducive atmosphere for the presence of God through worship and praise in every service.

They set a buoyant spiritual atmosphere for the senior pastor’s ministration through special song ministrations in every service.


They maintain a bouyant spiritual atmosphere in the church through the altar of fervent prayers.

Keeps the prayer altar of the entire church on fire through consistent intercession.


They oversee the smooth movement of traffic within & around the church environment.

They ensure perfect vehicular arrangement within the church environment.

They oversee the smooth movement of vehicles conveying members from the various bus terminals.


They welcome and receive worshippers into the church for every service.

They ensure a hospitable and organized arena for all worshippers.

They ensure a perfect arrangement of worshippers according to the church seating arrangement.


They ensure the protection of all church members and properties during and after every church service.

They mount surveillance in every service day to ensure maximum safety of church members & their properties.


They ensure perfect colour combination in all decorations done in church.

They look out for the best way to beautify the church altar.

They change the altar decoration periodically.


They ensure conducive and welcoming church ambience before, during & after every church service.

They look out for the best pattern of seating arrangement to enhance church setting.

They ensure continuous church cleanliness.


They ensure the perfect functioning of all church equipments.

They oversee the perfect connection of all electrical, technical & mechanical equipments in the church.


They ensure all sound/media equipments are in good shape before, during & after every church service.

They are responsible for efficient sound & visual production during every service.


They ensure the warmth reception of new converts & first time worshippers during every church service.

They provide special gifts for all first time worshippers in every church service.


They are responsible for the organization of special church medical outreaches.

They attend to worshippers in need of medical attention during special church programs.